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Amazing! I wasn't sure on how you were going to go with this story and, its well done. I have imagined stories of changing into cheerle...

I like this caption. I don't remember any story too similar to it. I have always enjoyed captions, but this is better than most. I'm gl...

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Were-Celebs 4 (Request) :iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 18 2
Mature content
Were-Celebs 3 (Request) :iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 19 2
Mature content
G! I! R! L! What does that spell? Hi jinks! (Req) :iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 13 0
Mature content
Were-Celeb 2 (Request) :iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 20 6
Fire and Ice Ch. 10 (Camryn's Rise)
Camryn was wandering outside when she came to a hobo camp. One of the dispossessed saw her. They walked towards her, like zombies, arms stretched out to ask for coins. She sets them on fire, except they didn't burn.
They start with their chests changing to about C-Cup. Their clothes become fire that covers their parts. Their stomach seem to become skinny on a woman, but they all felt well-fed, as the fire fed them in their new forms.
Their skin became glowing red, like burning coals. Their body parts become feminine and skinny. Their hair turns into style-able fires of varying colors. The eyes of all become a bright red, as bright as a fire in the twilight of winter. Anyone that had a man's part felt it go inside and become fiery.
Camryn looks onward in amazement. She made part of an army, with her bare hands. Well, her flame covered hands, but whatever. She walks up to one of the slaves.
"Who do you serve?" Said Camryn.
"You!" They respond unanimously.
"What are we doing?"
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 2 0
Were-Celebs 1 (Trade)
A full moon rises up. "Crap." Says a young man. He runs down an alley way, trying to get home quickly.
As he approaches another road, his hair has become white and has a tacky appearance. He runs faster, which is getting easier as his stomach becomes smaller. He puts his hood up, to avoid being mistaken for someone else. He runs more, his legs becoming more feminine. He becomes more tired, slowing him down. His feet become smaller, making him lose his shoes. His feet begin to hurt, as his socks begin to trip him up.
He sits down in an alleyway and removes the socks, as his hips widen. He stands back up and continues to run. His chest begins to burn.
He sees his home up ahead, as he uses his last bit of energy to get inside. He locks the door, and slumps on the floor. His chest grows out to full breasts.
As he recovers his breath, his neck and voice match Miley Cyrus's voice. He feels his little man become a little woman. Finally, his face becomes more feminine, as well as matching Mile
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 17 7
Guilty Gear TF
Jerry was your average guy, he worked an average job, had an average amount of kids, and so on. As he was getting bored of his average life, he decided to play some Guilty Gear on the arcade device in his home. While he was playing, some people broke into his house. Just before he lost consciousness, he saw a man in a mask hit him in the back of the head through the reflection of the arcade machine. His face smashed into the glass and he was down.
He woke up a few hours later in some strange tent. When he stood up, his feet felt larger. He felt as if he was growing muscles. His legs grew larger, His stomach got a six pack. His chest grew more muscles. His arms also grew stronger. His face changed, but not by much. He looked into a pool of water near the tent. He had become Sol Badguy. He decided that fighting was more fun than his average life.
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 1 14
Let Me Take A Selfie TG
Craig and Cody were hanging out when they found an girly phone under Craig's bed. Finding a bunch of selfies on the phone, they decided to take some too, as a joke.
As each picture was taken, their hair grew longer. Cody brushed his aside. Craig's shirt became yellow. Cody's became orange. Both their pants became old-looking jean short-shorts. Their bodies became feminine. When the phone beeped from it's memory being full, they had become woman.
"Oh crap."
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 29 6
Craig's Adventure TG (Request)
While Craig was waiting for Netflix to load the next episode of Pokemon, he wondered if he could ever meet May in person, and also wondered what she would look like as a teenager or an adult.
While thinking about this, he accidentally clicked on one of his friend's projects on what hypnosis can do. The screen flashed up a spiral that made it so that Craig couldn't move. "Relax." His eyes closed partially.
"Now, imagine yourself." He sees himself in his head.
"Think of someone you would like to meet. Preferably..." The words are not heard as he thinks of an teenage May at C cup.
"Okay. Feel them walk up to you and through you." May passes through him as if he is a ghost.
"Quickly, take control of their body and don't let go." He latches onto her as his hair begins to grow out.
"Keep a grip on their body." His face becomes more feminine.
"Stronger grip!!" His neck and voice matches May's.
"Hold tighter." His chest grows out to C cup. His stomach shrinks.
"Almost there." His man thing bec
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 3 3
Anna Kendrick Caption TG (Request)
Doug was a huge Anna Kendrick fan, all the way to idolizing her. He was given the option to experience what it would be like to be with Anna, through simulation of course. He agreed and they strapped him in. But, they (Board of Shadowy Figures) had their own plan.
As the simulation began, he noticed that Anna wasn't in his view, until he got to the dressing room. There, he saw that he was Anna, preparing for her next role. He decided to gain control and seize the moment by the *cough* funbags *cough*.
It felt so real to him, until he started feeling sparks, from outside of the simulation. He felt himself begin to shrink a little. His feet began to match the simulation's feet. His shoes vanished. His legs became feminine. His lower body shrank and his upper body grew some breasts, matching the simulations exactly. He felt his face become more feminine as his member disappeared. His hair grew extraordinarily.
He had become Anna. The simulation ended, only to show the BoSF forcing him int
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 12 0
Yu-Gi-Oops! 5D's TG (Request)
Tommy and Karen were watching their favorite anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, when their TV shorted out. Both of them stubborn, they went to go fix it and grabbed the cord at the same time and accidentally caused a spark when they pulled it out.
The spark hit them both and zapped them. They shook it off. They plugged it back in and went back to watching. Their hair turned green in sync and began growing. Tommy's feet became smaller as Karen's became larger. Karen's legs became boyish and Tommy's girlish. Tommy became a girl down below and Karen became a boy.
Karen's lower body became larger and her upper body a boys upper body. Tommy went the opposite direction with a smaller lower body and a girl's upper body.
Their faces became Leo for Karen and Luna for Tommy, hair styles following. The anime ends and they see who they have become, only to cause panic. But, they win every small town anime convention they go to.
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 9 8
Love Sucks
David had feelings for Jamie, but Jamie wasn't fully aware of it. One day, before a weekend fair, David decided to invite Jamie to the fair. She accepted and seemed to like him. But David could tell something was wrong. He decided to ask her about it as they were on the Ferris Wheel.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"I can't tell." She replied downheartedly. "Something just feels wrong."
"Is it something about me?"
"Perhaps? I don't know."
The Ferris Wheel stops abruptly, jerking the two people around.
"Ow." She moans.
"You alright?"
"Did you ask for that?" She jokes.
"No. Perhaps they did it to try to help me. Although, It didn't work."
The Ferris Wheel jerks back into action, dropping them off at the bottom. The two of them go their separate ways.
As David is walking, he sees and old man fallen over. He decides to help the old kook. He stands him back up and the man notices something.
"What seems to be the problem?"
"Nothing important."
"There's nothing more important than love, boy."
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 2 0
Kat D. And Emma S. TG
Todd and Jack were as close as friends could be and they hung out all the time. One day, as they were planning on hanging out watching movies, when they thought about their perfect wives. Todd wanted the red-headed Emma Stone, Jack wanted Kat Dennings. As they were in their dream boats, they crash into an old lady, who drops her vase. She yells at them, but they don't hear her. The vase fixes itself and says something unintelligible, as it is still a vase.
As the guys continue walking, their clothes begin to change. Todd gets a light blue dress, Jack a black one, but they are still in dreamland, so its unknown between them. As they wade through the air, Todd's hair becomes long and red and Jack's become long and black.
Their faces become feminine, drawing attention from the crowd, but nothing else.
They press on, their arms and legs becoming feminine. Their shoes become heels and their feet   begin shrinking. Their hips expand, causing a few bones to crack. They notice that and se
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 18 2
Mature content
Bloody Mary TG :iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 3 6
Tg RP 2
You wake up in a field. What do you do?
:iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 2 2,314
Tales of Kittens :iconpictureviewer1997:PictureViewer1997 0 0



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